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1. Transit Cargoes Stock Management


2. Customs Clearance in accordance with NBS delivery schedule


3. Communication with Shipyard Staff and the Site Manager


4. Boarding Service and Man-Power service on board (We can arrange riggers on request, if necessary)


5. Emergency Service Activity for urgent/night/weekend delivery requests

(Normally, the delivery of store/spares/paints, etc to ship will be made 2 or 3 days before ship’s delivery from shipyard after sea-trial finished. It is very tight schedule)

주소 : 경상남도 창원시진해구 신항로 434-2 (안골동) | 업태 : 도매업 | 대표이사 : 이배명 |
사업자등록번호 : 603-81-75084 | 업태 : 서비스 업종 : 창고보관,국제물류주선업
TEL. 051)714-0099, FAX. 055)723-4114

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